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Get Moving!

Article written by Jonathan de’ Claire for the Shotokan Karate Magazine. It was after an extended period of transience that persisted throughout the 1980’s and into the early nineties, that something really dawned upon me. It was during this period that I traveled extensively and experienced Karate in many places and at many levels. But no matter where it was that I practiced, the marked difference in one particular area… Read More »Get Moving!

Harada Sensei – biography

Story by Jonathan de’ Claire BSc (Hons) – with the assistance of Master Harada and the references of Karate Master and Reminiscences by Dr. Clive Layton. A Student at the Shotokan When a young boy aged 15 entered the Shotokan dojo in Zoshigaya, Toshima Ward in 1943, Master Gichin Funakoshi was the undisputed leading light of the Shotokan movement. After his first lesson this teenager was hooked on Karate, his… Read More »Harada Sensei – biography

Harada Sensei – interview

Master Mitsusuke Harada, Principal Instructor of the KDS and former personal pupil of Gichin Funakoshi and Shigeru Egami. Interview by Jonathan de’ Claire with the valued assistance of Marie Kellet.’C – Sensei, you have trained uninterrupted since you began Karate at the Shotokan in 1943. It must have made quite an impression on you. Can you recollect what those impressions were, all those years ago? M.H. –There were two… Read More »Harada Sensei – interview

Harada Sensei – MBE interview

Jonathan de’ Claire interviews Master Harada shortly after he received his MBE for services to karate. JDC Harada Sensei, firstly, I wanted to congratulate you on being awarded the Member of the British Empire for Services to Karate. MH Thank you very much. This is a great honour for me, it was also total surprise! My people kept it a secret that this had been applied for and the first I knew… Read More »Harada Sensei – MBE interview

The concept of kiai

Master Mitsusuke Harada presents his opinion on the concept of kiai and it’s relevance and use within karate. The military origins of ‘kiai’ Europeans tend to be rather keen on what they call rational explanations and complain that some Japanese concepts are obscure and not easy to understand. In that respect, one of the most frequently quoted is that of KIAI, and I am often asked to give my opinion… Read More »The concept of kiai

Teach and learn karate

Article for Shotokan Karate Magazine 2010 by Jonathan de’ Claire – KDS 4th Dan Working as a teacher I changed my career several years back and retrained as a teacher, undertaking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). On the course, there was a major stress on the need to differentiate in your planning and delivery of lessons. This would enable a teacher, in theory, to deliver the similar subject… Read More »Teach and learn karate


Terms that we use when we practice.  Some of the terminology presented here is divided into: Standard forms – terms which are in everyday KDS usage General – terms which are correct and part of KDS practise but are generally not referred to by their Japanese name. Miscellaneous terms – terms which appear in Karate-Do Kyohan or have been used in the past and so are included for completeness and… Read More »Terminology


“Kata are very important, they strengthen the body, condition the mind, train the spirit, enhance co-ordination, improve the reflexes and allow contact with the past. They are the essence of Karate-Do.​”​ Master Harada Kata is paramount to the practise of KDS Karate. It is essential in order to develop the body condition required for longevity and true progression with the KDS practise. KDS katas are performed slowly initially. This allows… Read More »Kata

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