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"Kata are very important, they strengthen the body, condition the mind, train the spirit, enhance co-ordination, improve the reflexes and allow contact with the past. They are the essence of Karate-Do.​"​
Master Harada

Kata is paramount to the practise of KDS Karate. It is essential in order to develop the body condition required for longevity and true progression with the KDS practise.

KDS katas are performed slowly initially. This allows the body to learn how to fully use the musculature in relaxed expansive and focused movements. Once this condition has been achieved, any kata speed is possible for the karateka.

The Kata Master Harada teaches are:

Shorin-ryu Forms

Taikyoku – First Cause

  • Shodan (1st)
  • Nidan (2nd)
  • Sandan (3rd)

Heian – Peaceful Mind

  • Shodan (1st)
  • Nidan (2nd)
  • Sandan (3rd)
  • Yodan (4th)
  • Godan (5th)

Bassai – To Penetrate a Fortress

  • Dai (Major)
  • Sho (Minor)

Kanku – To Look at the Sky

  • Dai (Major)
  • Sho (Minor)

Empi – Flying Swallow 

Gankaku – Crane on a Rock

Shorei-ryu Forms

Tekki – Horse Riding

  • Shodan (1st)
  • Nidan (2nd)
  • Sandan (3rd)

Jutte -Ten Hands 

Hangetsu – Half Moon 

Jion – named after a Buddhist temple

Jiin – named after a Buddhist saint 

Meikyo – Mirror of the Soul 

Nijushiho – Twenty Four Steps 

Sochin – Preserve the Peace

Goju Kata


Bo Kata

Shu Shi No Kon

1 - 3 March, Spring School all grades courseCourse information