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Happy New Year

Thank you

As the new year dawns and we resume our Karate practice, we wanted to take
the opportunity to say thank you:  

  • to our Technical Committee for their valued guidance and encouragement
  • to our 5 th  Dans for their unwavering commitment to club courses and club culture
  • to the Management Committee and administrative teams who look after us and keep striving for excellence
  • to all our members for their friendship, commitment, and dedication

UK highlights

Many highlights of 2023 come to mind.


  • 5th  Dan award to Dr Andy Lightfoot, Essex KDS
  • 4th Dan award to Peter Travis, Essex KDS

More recently 3rd  Dan was awarded to

  • James Barry, Herts KDS
  • Daniel Stevenson Norwich KDS
  • Neil Copper Norwich KDS

They are an inspiration to us all, and seeing so many of you achieving higher grades this year is a credit to you and your instructors.

Summer School

Summer school 2024 marks the 60 th  anniversary of the KDS and promises to be a very special event.

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Get in touch if you have any questions.

Marketing team updates

The marketing team has a pipeline of tasks to deliver in 2024 aimed at improving your experience as a KDS member for which we will need your help.

Follow our social media pages for more information in due course:


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you all at courses and events throughout the year.

Aug 10 - 17 Summer School!Course information