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The Management Committee (MC)

Earlier this year, you took part in a survey aimed at understanding your experiences and preferences as a KDS member.

As part of this, we asked you if you were aware of the KDS Management Committee and understood its role within the organisation.

Many of you said you did not, so we’ve put together a short description of the role of the committee and a list of current members.

The role of the Management Committee (MC)

A group of KDS officers (mostly volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)) who act to carry out the administrative and operational functions of the KDS guided by our constitution.

Their role is:

  • Facilitate clubs and members to practice. This includes carrying out
    regular meetings in person and online.
  • Maintaining the finances, trademarks, and insurance.
  • Assisting in promoting and marketing the association and its clubs,
    managing the website.
  • Organising the annual school courses and Dan grade courses.
  • The MC is further assisted by club reps to liaise with the individual clubs.

Current members

  • Tom Patrick (Chair)
  • Peter Travis (Vice-chair and Health and Safety lead
  • Philippe Halsall (Administrator and Treasurer)
  • Phil Avis (Auditor)
  • Edward Wort (Secretary)
  • Neil Cooper (Safeguarding officer)
  • Janet Kenyon (Deputy Safeguarding officer)
  • Lindsay Powell Jones (Webmaster)
  • Richard Plaskow (Marketing officer)

Contact us

Contact us if you have any further questions or observations you would like to bring to
our attention.

Email: [email protected]

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