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Set up in August 2018, this Ryu studies Karate disciplines of how to create the body structure and learn how to relax with impact!

Chief Instructor

Steve Hearson, 4th Dan

Steve began this martial art career at the age of eight with the practice of Judo. By the age of nineteen he had achieved the grade of 2nd dan black belt under the BJA & BJC. During these years he trained under Dave Starbrook, Nick Player, Mutsuhau Otani Sensei and on one occasion with the great Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

In 1972, at the age of nineteen, Steve began Karate-Do Shotokai with Norbert West who introduced him to Bill Barnes. Steve spent the next 20 years training with Bill before moving to the Slough club and practicing with Ziggy Boban. Steve started and ran his own club in Luton for around ten years (this has been revived in 2018).

For many years Steve visited the London club and / or the Hertfordshire KDS club weekly to pass on the knowledge that he has gained throughout his long Karate-Do career.

In February 2017 Harada Sensei awarded Steve the grade of 4th Dan black belt.

Other instructors

Simon Anderson, 2nd Dan

Nicolaus Turner, 2nd Dan

Nic began training in Karate-Do in 1994 at the Imperial College club (now known as London KDS) under the instruction of Phil Morrisey and Giles Murray (Chief Instructor Gourdon KDS, France). After completing his studies at Imperial College, he moved to South Wales where he trained under Jonathan De’ Claire at the Penarth KDS club from 1999 to 2004. Whilst living in South Wales, Nic also spent 5 years training in Aikido under Brian Smith. In 2004 he came full circle and returned to training at London KDS. From 2009 until the formation of Luton KDS, Nic trained at the Hertfordshire KDS club.

In December 2005 Harada Sensei awarded Nic the grade of 2nd Dan black belt.

Training times

20:00 – 21:30

20.00 – 21:30


St. Margarets Parish Church,
Quantock Rise

Aug 10 - 17 Summer School!Course information