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UK KDS Karate-do Shotokai

Karate - Martial Arts

Karate Do Shotokai (KDS) Durham

Practising and teaching karate as taught by Master Mitsusuke Harada


Learn to defend yourself, get fit and flexible, and in a relaxed and fun environment.

Karate is a fantastic system of self defence that has its routes in the Japanese island of Okinawa. It consists of strikes (punches, kicks, elbows and knees), but in our style more important than those is balance, movement, and skill.

Karate is for everyone, irrespective of age or body type, and is a fantastic way to develop your body and mind.

Our style (‘Shotokai’) is friendly and relaxed, with a big emphasis on movement and skill rather than aggression. We are quite traditional in wearing white gis (pyjama suits) and coloured belts to denote grades, and in bowing formally to one another during practice, but there is no shouting or counting, and the atmosphere is friendly and supportive above all.


A typical session consists of:

  • a warm up of bodyweight exercises and yoga-like stretches
  • Kihon (literally ‘basics’) which consist of a series of exercises done with a partner or in a group to develop particular skills or techniques
  • kumite (‘sparring’) where techniques are practiced on one another. Kumite at first is often gentle and just based on developing skills/techniques on more experienced partners; no-one is ever in any danger as a beginner, and people progress entirely at the pace they are comfortable with.
  • Kata (‘forms’) where stereotyped sequences of movements are performed together as a group, either slowly focussing upon form, relaxation, and balance, or fast focussing upon speed and dynamic movement.
  • A warm down of yoga-type stretches.

Kata, kihon, and kumite all frequently link to one another, and individual sessions often have a particular theme such as posture, speed, or a particular block or throw or counter-attack.

Whether you are looking to learn to defend yourself, to get in shape, or to enhance your health and wellbeing, you are very welcome. If you would like to enquire, or have any questions at all, just drop us a line on Facebook.

Training times

18:00 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:00


£5 (£3 concessions)

Our location

Freeman’s Quay leisure centre, Durham

1 - 3 March, Spring School all grades courseCourse information