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Practising and teaching karate as taught by Master Mitsusuke Harada


Covid 19 (Coronovirus)

Please contact us if you'd like to train with us, as we're using a temporary booking system, and numbers are limited. We also need to run through our current risk assessment and rules with you. 

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Getting started

If you want to try Karate Do Shotokai, your first lesson is completely free

If you have any questions, or want to join a practice, please contact our Chief Instructor, Ian Mackenzie: mackenziei65@hotmail.com. Alternatively, you can contact us through our Facebook page, where we frequently post news, photos, videos and special offers. It is helpful to know in advance if you are going to visit us, so we can welcome you on the day.

We work hard, but our practice is friendly and informal. Many of our new members are either new to karate entirely, or have trained in other styles. 

What happens during a practice

All you need for your first lesson are some sports (or loose) clothes, and a bottle of water. We’ll ask you to sign a form to cover your insurance for the practice, and our Chief Instructor will email you after the practice with some instructions on how to join the club.

Normally, we start the 2 hour session with a 20 minute warm up (a mix of cardio and stretches). Don’t worry if you’re not very flexible or haven’t done exercise for a while,  you can take the session as slowly as you need to. You’ll find it gets easier after each session! 

The remainder of the session varies each week. We learn kata (learn more about kata), kumite (sparring), and practise how to move, defend, and attack through a variety of techniques. We don’t run beginner’s classes, as our sessions can cater for both new people as well as graded members. The club has 7 instructors who will take you through the stages of each training session. 

Do let us know if there is anything that might affect your warm up and practice. 

At the end of the session, we try to spend 5 minutes stretching the muscles we’ve used. 

There are showers at the sports club, with lockers and hairdryers in each set of changing rooms. Parking at the hospital is free

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Training times

Saturday 11:00 - 13:00
Thursday 19:00 - 21:00​

Times and location are subject to change right now, as the sports centre has limited availability. Check with us to confirm.

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New member offer £40

1 year membership to KDS valued at £40
1 year training insurance
1 month of training fees valued at £45
1 new karate kit valued at £22

Cost to you - £40
Total value - £107


Junior member offer £30

1 year membership to KDS valued at £15
1 year training insurance
1 month of training fees valued at £36
1 new karate kit valued at £22

Cost to you - £30
Total value - £73


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Our location

CMC Sports and Social Club,
University Hospital for Wales,
The Heath,
CF14 4XW

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Our Chief Instructor, Ian Mackenzie, has been making videos for the club all through lockdown.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for his demonstrations of traditional kata, kata for confined space, warm up exercises, and spotlights on specific techniques.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel  for more content.

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