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Durham, all grades, 3 – 4 June

The new Durham KDS club are delighted to host you in our beautiful medieval city for the first Durham Karate course.

The theme is ‘fast feet’!

The course will focus upon all sorts of cool stuff (we haven’t run the plan past our 5th dan yet, but it will *definitely* be cool/exciting), and be overseen by Mark Hallam, 5th dan, and will run across 3 sessions:

  • an introductory 2 hour Saturday morning session
  • a 2.5 hour Saturday afternoon session
  • a 2.5 hour Sunday morning session.


If instructors could please let Tom (07425141081 or [email protected]) know approximate numbers by Friday 26 May, that’d be very much appreciated.


Full weekend

One session

Kyu grades
Half price

Training times

10:00 – 12:00
15:00 – 17:30

10:30 – 13:00


We are right in the centre of Durham City at Freeman’s Quay Sport Centre, and there are two council car parks nearby.


There will be an evening meal on the Friday for those coming up then, and there is 3 hours to get a good lunch and digestion time in Durham’s beautiful historic centre in between practices on the Saturday – the Sports centre is ~200m from the city’s main square.

For those on a budget, there is Wetherspoons/Greggs/Costa/Tesco too.

On the Saturday night, there will be a meal out in Durham, and then a chance to sample some of the local alehouses/champagne bars, for those interested.


There is lots of accommodation in and around Durham for a variety of budgets, though the hotels right in the city centre are very expensive (lots of rich parents visiting students!).

However, there is lots of affordable accommodation within short driving/taxi distance, plenty of good airbnbs available, and there is bed space and floor space available for those on a budget.

Please get in touch with Tom on 07425141081 or at [email protected] if you would like bed/floor space or want any help or advice sorting accommodation.


For those coming from the Kingdom of the Dragon, Easyjet fly Bristol to Newcastle.

For those coming from Southeast England, Lumo trains go from Kings Cross/Stevenage to Newcastle and are comparatively cheap if booked in advance.

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