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To the Newcastle KDS website

Thank you for taking an interest in our organisation, of which I am a member of the Administration Committee and a member of the Technical Executive.  My role in Newcastle is that of Chief Instructor.

I first became involved with the KDS in 1965 under the direction of Ray Knudsen and George Hatt who are, I am told, still practising and teaching. 

I was awarded my 1st Dan in 1968 and my 5th Dan in 1982 by Harada Sensei.

Our Principal, Mitsusuke Harada MBE, first started his karate practice in 1943 under the direction of the great Gichin Funakoshi at the famous Shotokan dojo in Tokyo.  In 1963 Harada Sensei came to live in the UK and in 1965 set up the UK KDS.  In 2010 he was awarded the MBE for his services to karate.  He is one of the few Japanese instructors who still practise his form of karate, which is the original Shotokan Karate.

The Newcastle branch of the KDS has a long and colourful history:  it started its life as Chowa Karate Academy in North Shields and at one point had over forty black belts practising.  Some of them are still involved in karate to this day.  After moving around the area to several different venues, the Newcastle Club has come back to North Shields to practise at the Parks Sports Centre.

I hope you enjoy looking through our website and that you find it interesting enough to join our practice.

Best wishes,

Peter Jackson, 5th Dan
Chief Instructor at Newcastle KDS

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