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Club History

The London KDS club was founded in 1988, and for many years was a part of Imperial College. The original senior instructor of the club was Phil Morrisey who set up the club with the help of several ex-Durham black belts including Dominique Graham, Giles Murray, Nick Stewart, Ned Perry and Ian Treherne.

The club recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the club's founding.

Black and Brown Belts (1988-2017)

People who have graded to 1st Kyu (brown belt) or Dan (black belt) whilst a member of the London KDS:


3rd Dan+ 2nd Dan
Phil Avis Simon Anderson
Will Black Thomas Butts
Steve Hearson Julie Cordier
Peter Hustler-Wraight Martyn Gooding
Giles Murray Phil Morrisey
Nick Stewart Nic Turner
Ian Treherne Owen Williams
  Xiaojing Zhu
1st Dan 1st Kyu
Andrew Egan Sarah Forest
Krishan Gajjar Emma Julings
Daisy Gibbs Kate Morrisey
Dominique Graham Laurence Newson
Martyn Gooding Nikos Skarmeas
Susannah Haan Marina Spaeni
Ned Perry Leslie Spiro
Vicky Simms Emma Styles
Emma Styles Rachel Sursham
  Nic Zinovkin




Past Club Instructors

The below list contains details of those who have at one time given much of their time to develop the club's practice. We hope to see many of them back in London teaching soon!

Martin Fitzpatrick 2005 - 2009
Phil Morrisey 1988 - 1995
Giles Murray 1992 - 2004
Nic Turner 2004 - 2009


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