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We have clubs all around the world and welcome people of all abilites and ages.

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Welcome to the website of the London Karate-do Shotokai (KDS) group.

Karate-Do Shotokai, or KDS as we more often refer to it, is a traditional karate style which focuses purely on the practice of karate as a martial art. Whilst we work to develop a range of effective techniques, we don't just practise by rote. Instead, we train to build an awareness, both physical and mental, that lets us manage a situation decisively without the distraction of competitions or commercialism.

Our sessions are open to men and women of all ages and abilities. We run a friendly, social club based in central London where questions are encouraged and everyone is allowed to get the very best out of themselves all in the spirit of developing quality karate practitioners.

If you want to find out more then come along to one of our regular weekly practices, or get in touch with the London KDS via the contact link above.

All are welcome - the first lesson is free and no previous experience is required - especially with the beginners courses being held each month. All you need to practice is a t-shirt and tracksuit trousers!

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