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Club Courses

The Keele Karate Club is extensively involved in a number of courses and inter-university sessions which are held over the course of the academic year.  Please follow the link below to the main KDS website which provides further details for both national and international courses.

All courses are overseen by the Technical Executive group and many are overseen directly by Harada Sensei. Courses are a great opportunity to train and learn from others as well as having the opportunity to meet new people. Most importantly, they offer  exposure to some very experienced and talented karateka.

Further details on specific courses and events will be when confirmed. These will be put on the general KDS website, sent me email and also posted on the Keele University Karate Club Facebook page.



N.B. International clubs typically do not charge for attendants from overseas.  This helps to keep the overall cost to a minimum to assist and encourage members to travel for the benefit of both their own and the overall group level.

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