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Senior Instructor: Ian Mackenzie

Ian Mackenzie (5th Dan) is now the Senior Instructor at KDS Cardiff. He started training in 1982, and trained for many years in South Wales at the Penarth KDS club, reaching 1st Dan in the exceptionally quick time of 2 years. He later took over instruction of the Penarth KDS club, where he taught for over a decade, until he was asked by Marie Kellet (5th Dan) to take responsibility for the development of the Cardiff University Club in 1999. He now runs KDS Cardiff (encompassing Cardiff University KDS).

He has fostered an enjoyable and focussed atmosphere of student development at Cardiff, and ensures that all members of the club receive the instruction and encouragement they need to become skilled karate ka.

Under Ian's tuition and guidance numerous students have progressed from beginners to Dan grades in a short period of time, and many students chose to stay in Cardiff to assist in the club development.

Senior KDS Instructor: Roy Margetts

Roy Margetts (5th Dan) has recently returned to Wales following retirement from his full time occupation. Having left Cardiff University KDS some years ago, he assisted Oxford KDS to become one of the strongest KDS clus in the organisation.

He now trains each week at Cardiff KDS and provides a welcome challenge to the senior grades at the club.

Assistant Instructors

Hywel Lewis (4th Dan) and Steve Court (3rd Dan) provide valuable support to Ian in the development of the Club. They are all fully qualified coaches and bring invalable experiences to the club. 


The 7 strong team of Black Belts at KDS Cardiff provide a variety of skills and abilities at the club. This is reflected in the diverse age and ability range of members that can be catered for at each session.  

Instructing at national courses

On 22 June 2017. two of our senior instructors travelled to Belgium to instruct at a weekend course:

Watch a demo from Roy and Steve on YouTube.

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