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Cardiff senior instructors instruct at Belgium course - 22 June 

Two of our senior instructors travelled to Belgium to instruct at a weekend course.

Steve Court has been a member of the KDS organisation since 1995 and was graded by Harada Sensei to 3rd Dan in Dec 2013.

Roy Margetts joined the KDS in 1977 and has been a 5th Dan instructor and member of the KDS Technical Executive for many years.

Watch Steve and Roy's demo on YouTube.

Spring school - May 2017

Members of the club attended the KDS Spring School, a 2 day course run in Hatfield. 

Successful grading - March 2017

Several Kyu grade members of KDS Cardiff were successful in their recent grading. Rhys recieved his orange belt, Farrah orange with 3 tabs, and Lindsay her green belt. 


50th anniversary at Cardiff Castle 

The latter end of 2016 saw Karate-do Shotokai (KDS) Cardiff being very much involved in the UK KDS 50th Anniversary event at Cardiff Castle.

In the lead up to this event, KDS Cardiff took advantage of the facilities at the Castle and early Bank Holiday Monday in August, prior to the public being given access, to film themselves training at this prestigious location. 

What they developed was a short video showing the light heartedness of the members. This can be viewed on the KDS Cardiff Facebook page.

Saturday 22 October came and the clubs usual training venue at the CMC Sports Club, Heath was utilised to host over 60 members in a dynamic practice setting the mood prior to the days main event.

The evening kicked off at Cardiff Castle with guests arriving and meeting the VIPs being hosted by Harada Sensei. These included the Rt Hon Lord Mayor Monica Walsh and the Lady Mayoress Mrs Maria Harvey as well as guests of Senseis from as far away as the Japan Karate do Shotokai organisation.

A film to celebrate 50 years

A short film celebrating 50 years of the UK KDS and Harada Sensei's development was introduced as part of the drinks reception in the Library. This film was developed by Ian Mackenzie of KDS Cardiff and Theo Kyriacou of KDS Keele:

What followed was an evening of non stop entertainment, speeches, singing, good food, wine and fantastic company as about 100 KDS members past and present came together to celebrate the organisations 50 years of development.

A number of high quality photographs resulted and were evidence of the enjoyment of all attending.

Successful grading

Several Kyu grade members of KDS Cardiff were successful in their recent grading and were rewarded with their grades being announced during the evening.

The night concluded with clubs hitting the bars and clubs of Cardiff being led by the younger Cardiff members until the early hours in some cases.

Sensei's 88th birthday celebrations 

Next came Sensei's 88th birthday celebrations held over the weekend of the UK KDS Winter School held in Cwmbran, Wales. In excess of 130 practicing members from many of the worldwide KDS attended this event, training over two days. Such countries represented were France, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Gibraltar, USA and Japan.

Despite an injury to his leg, Sensei demonstrated and explained many points on an individual and group basis to assist attendees with their personal development.

The evening entertainment was in the form of a buffet and a swing band that gave all members the opportunity to let their hair down and dance the night away.

And then it was back to normality and the weekly training schedule for KDS Cardiff building up towards the xmas festive period.


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