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About the Course

There are many reasons why people start karate. Regardless of why you are looking to start we hope you will find the London Karate-do Shotokai (KDS) club right for you.

Each month we start a beginners' course with the aim of giving those who are interested in what we do a gentle introduction.

The program is designed to last three months. Initially beginners are instructed seperately, but the aim is that by month two they are integrated into the class as a whole so that they can benefit from the collective experience of all our senior grades.

At the end of the three month program we would hope to grade any beginner to their first belt.

We would expect all beginners to practice once a week - however there is the opportunity to train three times each week for that wish to do so. If you can't make the Tuesday practice times, feel free to attend either of the Thursday/Sunday practices instead.

The beginners' course is currently priced at £45. This includes your first three months insurance, club fees and the cost of the grading. After the first three months normal club fees would apply.

Please note that no-one within the London club is paid to instruct. All collected fees are used by the club to cover hall costs and other such expenses.

Upcoming Course Times

Tuesday 16th January: 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Anyone wishing to join the beginners course should feel free to join any of the practices in the following week.


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