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National Course: Norwich

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We warmly invite all grades to the Norwich KDS course on 29 th and 30 th Sept.

The course will be led by Lyndon Tunmore (4 th Dan) and Joe Cooper (2 nd Dan) with technical support from Marie Kellet.

Training will orient around movement and the maintenance of a stable condition within a dynamic practice. The Saturday session will end with of yoga stretching.


City Academy
Sports Hall
299 Bluebell Road
NR4 7LP.


Saturday 29 Sept: 11:00 ‐ 13:00
Saturday 29 Sept: 15:00 ‐ 17:00 Followed by 30 min stretch
Sunday 30 Sept: 11:00 ‐ 13:00


Full weekend:30, concessions 20
Saturday only:20, concessions 15
Sunday only:15, concessions 10


Saturday Social:
BBQ at The Eagle, Newmarket Road, NR2 2HN
Starting at 19:30 fro 20:00
Cost: 12 - 15

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