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Club Details: London

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Chief Instructor

Nicholas Richard Stewart, 4th Dan


Will Black, 3rd Dan
Peter Hustler-Wraight, 3rd Dan
Philip Avis, 3rd Dan
Xiaojing Zhu, 2nd Dan
Owen Williams, 2nd Dan
Martyn Gooding, 2nd Dan
Victoria Simms, 2nd Dan
James Simon Anderson, 2nd Dan
Daisy Gibbs, 1st Dan

About the Club

The London KDS karate Club was founded in 1988, and for much of the past twenty years was part of Imperial College. The original senior instructor of the club was Phil Morrisey who set up the club with the help of several ex-Durham black belts including Dominique Graham, Giles Murray, current senior instructor Nick Stewart, Ned Perry and Ian Treherne.

We're a friendly club with male and female members of all grades and we're always looking out for new members. The first lesson is free, so if you're interested in learning karate, then give us a try!




The Place,
16 Flaxman Terrace,

Training Details

Tuesdays 8:00-9.30pm, Studio 8 Beginners*
Thursdays 8:00-9.30pm, Studio 8 All grades

* Tuesdays have been put aside to teach the beginners' programme alongside the normal club practice. Beginners can also attend as many of the other practices as they like.

The first session is free. New members are then charged £50 for the first quarter. This covers hall hire and their first year's insurance cover.

Normal club fees of £50 a month for waged, or £25 a month for students otherwise apply.

Those wishing to pay per session can do so at a cost of £10 a session (£5 a session for students).


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