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KDS Committee

The KDS Committee represents all matters pertaining to the running and administrative side of the KDS. It works alongside the Technical Executive who re responsible for the development of the Karate aspects of the organisation.

If you want to get involved in the KDS in any of these roles or you have any skills you think we could use from accounting and admin to techincal such as video production or web design let us know. We are also always keen to find writers for this site and the newsletter we produce.

The Committee roles are:


Overall in charge of the running of the KDS from the administrative side. The chairman organises the committee and liaises with the Technical Executive.

Vice chair

In many ways a supportive role to the Chairman in terms of both relieving work load and in the decision making process. The VC also acts as a point of contact for KDS members when the Chairman is unavailable.


Manages the finances for the KDS, including all membership and course fees as well additional costs related to the running of the KDS.

Membership secretary

Deals with all matters of membership from new joiners to annual renews. All KDS members apply here when renewing their KDS and governing body memberships.

Enquiries officer

The direct contact for people wishing to approach Sensei. The enquiries officer can deal with many of the hundreds of questions personally leaving Sensei to concentrate on the development of his karate. It is through this officer that Sensei has been reunited with many of his friends from the past.

Web officer

Responsible for online content for the KDS which comprises the news and information on the main site, video and photographic content and the extended activities on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and emerging sites.

Summer School organiser

Deals with the running and organising of the annual flagship course for the KDS. This includes the booking of the facilities as well handling all the applications that are received each year.


A non-elected role. The administrator is an employed position who handles much of the paperwork for the KDS.

Ordinary members/Club Representatives

General helpers who are keen to aid in the running of the KDS.

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