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The Technical Executive

Master Harada's role is that of overall Sensei (instructor) of the Association, and advisor to the Technical Executive, on matters pertaining to the practice of Karate-Do.

The Technical Executive lead the organisation's karate development under the supervision of Harada Sensei. All KDS courses in the UK are run by members of the Technical Executive. The members are:

Steve Hope

5th Dan,
Southampton KDS

Started Training in 1968, he is the longest serving member of KDS (UK). He founded the Southampton Club which has been in existance for over 25 years. Steve was awarded his 5th Dan in 1982. In 2007 Steve was conferred with an honorary degree of Master of Arts from Southampton University for his hard work and dedication to teaching karate, inspiring students and bringing Southampton to recognition internationally on the karate scene.

Tony Lima

5th Dan,
Southampton KDS

Started training in January 1974 in Gibraltar. He moved to England to follow Sensei's teachings and was awarded his 5th Dan at summer school 1984.

Marie Kellett

5th Dan,
Newport KDS

Marie started her training in 1975, receiving her 5th Dan in 1989.

She now lives and practices in South Wales, training at the University of South Wales, Newport.

Mark Hallam

5th Dan,
Staffs Uni KDS, Keele KDS

Started training in 1980 and was awarded his 5th Dan in 2000.

Mark founded the Stoke-on-Trent Club where he practices to this day and also runs the Keele Club.

Roy Margetts

5th Dan,
Oxford KDS

Roy started training at the Penarth KDS club in January 1977. Along with Marie Kellett, Roy helped to establish the Cardiff University KDS. During a work placement he helped establish, along with Minh Chung, the Oxford University KDS.

Roy has travelled extensively, practising in Finland, France, Gibraltar, USA and Japan. Currently he is back in Wales practising with the KDS clubs in the South Wales area including his original Penarth KDS club.

Roy was awarded his 5th Dan in 1993.

Peter Jackson

5th Dan,
North Shields KDS

In 1965 Peter Jackson began practicing Karate at Chowa in North Shields. He was awarded his black belt in 1968 and his fifth Dan in 1979.

Peter began his martial arts training in 1963 when he practiced Judo and was awarded his black belt in 1967.

Ian Mackenzie

5th Dan,
Cardiff KDS

Ian was awarded his 5th Dan in 2014.

Gavin Rothwell

5th Dan,
Southampton KDS

Gavin was awarded his 5th Dan in 2014.

Adrian Quick

5th Dan,
Essex KDS

Initially a member and then instructor of the Folkestone KDS club from 1975 to 1979, Adrian joined Harlow in 1989.

Adrian was awarded his 5th Dan in 2014.

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