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We have clubs all around the world and welcome people of all abilites and ages.

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KDS in depth

There is a lot that has been written about martial arts over the years and the KDS is no exception. Here we present some of the best ones covering subjects both historical and practise related.

We have a number of articles waiting in the wings and we will be presenting them here over the coming months, so check back!

What is KDS?

This page gives a overview of what the KDS is and why it was established.

If you've never heard of Karate-Do Shotokai or if you know about karate but not about the KDS then this is the place to go.

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We are always keen to welcome new people into the KDS and there are certainly many benefits in joining. All the information is here.

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Kata is a vital part of any karate practice but is often the subject of many questions from beginners.

Here we explain what kata is and the ones we study in the KDS.

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Harada Sensei is one of the few people who can trace his karate origins directly back to Gichin Funakoshi and the development of Karate in mainland Japan.

Here we present the lineage from karate's early beginnings to the KDS today.

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Here we present an introduction to the more frequently used Japanese Karate terms.

There are a great deal of terms and techniques throughout the martial arts world and spellings vary greatly. Here we present the most commonly referenced terms that anyone new to the KDS would need.

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Technical Executive

The technical executive are formed from the most senior members of the KDS and are responsible for the teaching and technical development of KDS karate as guided by Harada Sensei.

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KDS Committee

Whilst the Technical Executive are responsible for matters pertaining to the practice of Karate, the committee are responsible for the administrative side of the KDS.

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