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National Course Calendar (2019)

All national KDS courses are run by the Technical Executive and many are overseen directly by Harada Sensei.

All courses are a great opportunity to train and learn from others as well as good social events. Most importantly they offer exposure to some very experienced and talented karateka.

Please Note: Non KDS members may only attend courses by invitation providing they have proof of proper insurance prior to the event. This can be obtained through our contact page.

The course calendar is shown below. Further details on specific courses will be released when confirmed.

January12th - 13thSensei1 Dan+Southampton
25th - 27th5 Dan+Estonia / Otepaa
26th - 27thSenseiParis
February15th - 17thBrown+Finland / Litti
16th - 17thHatfield - Kata/Kumite
March7th - 9thCanada /Calgary
22nd - 24thSenseiFrance /Reims
22nd - 24thBrown+Poland
25th - 29thUSA. - UTAH
29th - 31stBrown+Estonia /Tallin
April12th - 14thSensei1 Dan+Spring School Keele
May3rd - 5thSenseiGibraltar
12th - 12thAscot
17th - 19thSenseiBasel /Switzerland
June7th - 9thNewcastle
14th - 16thSenseiFinland / Solvalla
21st - 23rdBelgium
21st - 23rdCanada /Nova Scotia
July12th - 14thSensei1 Dan+Oxford
17th - 19thIsrael
August17th - 24thSenseiSummer School Canterbury
September26th - 29thSenseiEstonia /Tartu
October12th - 13thEssex
18th - 20thSenseiFrance / Gourdon
25th - 27thPoland
November1st - 3rdWales - Cardiff
8th - 10th2 Dan+Finland / Vaasa
15th - 17thSenseiBelgium
29th - 1stSenseiWinter School Keele

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