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Welcome to the Twickenham Karate Club website. The club practices the traditional Japanese art of Karate, a martial art that is an extremely effective means of self-defence and getting into shape, and that uses no weapons (''kara-te'' translates as ''empty hand'').

Karate is a system based upon strikes and blocks and on the coordinated and controlled movement of the body. It is applicable to all sizes, physiques, fitness levels and ages. Like any martial art, Karate can be different things to different people: a serious and dedicated pursuit, a great way to stay in shape, or just a way to have fun.

The Twickenham Karate Club teaches the Shotokai style of Karate and is a member of the international Karate do Shotokai association headed by Mitsusuke Harada M.B.E. The club has a regular social side and we normally go for a drink after training, and regularly train, and socialise, with clubs across the UK and Europe.

I hope you find the website useful and informative, and please feel free to get in touch with any enquires.

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