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Club History

The club at Penarth was orginally formed in the early 1970's and is one of the oldest of the KDS in the UK. John Thonga was the original instructor. Succeeding him was Alan Jones who reached 3rd. Later, Ian MacKenzie took up the reins before moving to, the now disbanded, Cardiff University club. Jonathan de' Claire - 4th Dan, is the present senior coach at the club has been a member since the late 70's.

South Glamorgan has a thriving and very sucessful flagship Junior club which is over 10 years old. It acts as a feeder club for the seniors and has produced junior blackbelts, whom have gone onto continue their progress at some of the University clubs around the country.

The senior club is well established with a strong social aspect also. The clubs attends national courses on a regular basis. Indeed the instructor teaches at many of them. Summer school is high on the clubs list of events, each year the club has a strong attendance at this week long event.

Jonathan de' Claire the club coach is a WKGB coach assessor. He regularly teaches or assists on overseas courses with the technical executive and Master Harada.

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