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Training times

We need to fit in around the scheduled fitness classes at the University sports centre and so our training times may change for each new University term / holiday period.

Training times 

Leeds KDS is not currently training but we hope to start again in early 2018.

Regional courses

We regularly host regional courses for the North of England which are run jointly between the Leeds, Keele, Staffs and Newcastle clubs.
Weekend courses

The club regularly attends national weekend training courses across the country. This gives our members the opportunity to train with other experienced karateka and to experience a range of different teaching styles.

The KDS course calendar has details of all national and international courses.

Summer School

Every year the KDS runs a week long karate camp at Canterbury University. This runs for 6 days with two 3hr lessons every day. This is open to all grades and is said to be the the equivalent of months of normal practice condensed into a week. 

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