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What is KDS?

Karate-Do Shotokai is a traditional style of karate and focuses on karate as a martial art rather than as a competitive sport.
Our approach is different to that of the more sports-based styles of karate and has similarities with softer martial arts such as Tai Chi. The classes focus on developing concentration, timing and a relaxed body condition. Strength and size are not important as the power comes from applying the correct body condition, timing and technique. 
The style is non-competitive and promotes working together with (rather than against) a partner.
The KDS was established in 1965 by Mitsusuke Harada to teach traditional Shotokan karate. Master Harada distanced his organisation from the many political wranglings of other martial arts groups at that time in order to concentrate on the true essence of Karate-do, it's practice.
The KDS is an organisation committed to practicing and teaching Karate-do as taught by Master Mitsusuke Harada and the style is open to anyone with a genuine interest in learning karate.
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