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Welcome to the website of the Cambridge University Karate-do Shotokai. Within these pages, we hope to give an overview of our practise approach and what we do. It is intended to educate and inform novices and seasoned members alike providing a useful resource for our members and a place to learn and for those interested in starting.

Karate-Do Shotokai is a traditional karate style which focuses purely on the practise of karate as a martial art, looking to develop effective techniques such as blocks and attacks with out the distraction of competitions or commercialism.

Our sessions are open to all ages and abilities, both student and non-student alike. We run a friendly, social club where questions are encouraged and everyone is allowed to get the very best out of themselves in the spirit of developing quality karate practioners.

The principal of our style is Sensei Mitsusuke Harada, who has developed his style in over 50 years of training. Harada began his training in Japan in 1943 under Gichin Funakoshi, the acknowledged founder of modern Japanese karate, and also trained with such karate masters as Shigeru Egami, and Tsutomu Ohshima. Harada is based in Britain and holds regular courses, many of which the club attends.

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