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The voice of the mountain Dragon

Practising with HARADA Sensei
by Bernard Mathieu

It was before the war, when he started practising at the Shotokan Dojo, that Master Mitsusuke Harada met Yoshitaka Funakoshi, a true karate genius, after which he became a private pupil of 'The Old Master', Gichin Funakoshi, when the dojo was destroyed in a bombing raid. Later, the seniors and partners who influenced him most were Shigeru Egami and Tadao Okuyama. Harada Sensei truly belongs to a proud lineage.

Forty years of teaching in Europe, forty years of research strengthened by an outstanding dedication and generosity, made it possible for him to offer his pupils an exceptionally deep analysis of an art to which he has dedicated his whole life.

But it is thanks to an indomitable determination, avoiding all current dogmatic attitudes, that he has managed to raise karate to the true level of a martial art. Bernard Mathieu, his pupil and interpreter for more than thirty-seven years, invites you to join him on the path of a fascinating discovery.

KDS PRICE £12.99 +£1.50 P&P (UK)

Reminiscences by Master Mitsusuke Harada

by Clive Layton

One of the last disciples of the legendary masters, Gichin Funakoshi and Shigeru Egami, reveals his lifelong search for the "Way of the Empty Hand".

The book follows in the wake of the success of the biography Karate Master: The Life and Times of Mitsusuke Harada. It provides new facts and stories about the master and his teachers and further elaborates upon existing information. The text, which is largely Harada's own words, is packed with insights into the Shotokan Karate, and must be considered essential reading for all true followers of the Way of Shoto.

OPENING OFFER - ONLY £12.99 + £1.50 P&P. (UK)

Karate Master: The Life and Times of Mitsusuke Harada

by Clive Layton

An absorbing Martial Arts biography along with a wealth of training wisdom, previously untold facts, vivid insights and many fascinating anecdotes from the early days of Japanese Karate.

Master Harada's Karate authenticity is unquestionable, how many martial artists can lay claim to being a former personal pupil to Gichin Funakoshi the founder of the Shotokan School, and Shigeru Egami the innovative chief instructor of the Shotokan Dojo.

Harada, a true master in his own right, tells his story in this captivating book.

KDS PRICE £15.99 +£1.50 P&P (UK)


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