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There is a lot that has been written about martial arts over the years and the KDS is no exception. Here we present some of the best ones covering subjects both historical and practise related.

Teach and Learn Karate

An article originally published within Shotokan Karate Magazine (2010) by Jonathan de' Claire.

Often, your students face the same difficulties, as they take an instructors lead. Once your students do become comfortable in questioning your practice in a meaningful and positive manner, progression can truly be made all around!

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Get Moving!

An article originally published within Shotokan Karate Magazine (January 2005) by Jonathan de' Claire.

To help with the development of movement within his students Harada Sensei changed his approach to all aspects of karate.

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The Concept of Kiai

Master Mitsusuke Harada presents his opinion on the concept of kiai and it's relevance and use within karate.

Europeans tend to be rather keen on what they call rational explanations and complain that some Japanese concepts are obscure and not easy to understand. In that respect, one of the most frequently quoted is that of KIAI, and I am often asked to give my opinion on the matter.

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Harada Sensei MBE Interview

Jonathan de’ Claire interviews Master Harada shortly after her received his MBE for services to karate.

I never dreamed this would be possible. I think I am the first Japanese Martial Arts Master to be awarded the MBE. I am also very happy because I did it whilst following my own way.

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Harada Sensei Interview

Master Harada answers questions about the KDS, his karate experiences and the people he trained with.

Most people didn't know Yoshitaka sensei's practice, they didn't know his final level.

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Harada Sensei Biography

Charting the life of Harada Sensei from the first time he practised at the Shotokan Dojo to the present day.

'Egami was attempting to change the stiff rigid training he had undergone, for the past 25 years. He realised that this type of technique was seriously flawed. His new technique was a radical concept, the relaxation of the joints and loss of undue tension allowed for the release of true power and penetration. Even through 4 cushions Harada, could still feel the sickening blow'.

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Beginnings of Shotokai and Shotokan

Writen by Harada Sensei from his own experiences of the beginnings of Shotokan Karate and the formation of Shotokai.

'among the people practising then the word SHOTOKAI was very seldom mentioned and everyone would use the expression SHOTOKAN DOJO when speaking about their group. But unfortunately everything came to an end in April 1945 when the said Shotokan Dojo was destroyed in an air-raid, putting an end to all activities'.

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Relaxation - An Emphasis Lost!

An important and often over-looked aspect of karate, this article talks about Harada Sensei and the importance of the correct body condition.

'The joints must be mobile at all times, allowing energy to flow through the correct muscle chains from the point of origin to the point of contact'

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